Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Year After Sandy

Custom Modular Homes are rapidly becoming the method of choice for homeowners effected by Hurricane Sandy last year, many of which are becoming frustrated by the multitude of "modular builders" cropping up in Ocean and Monmouth County.

"Carpetbaggers seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to capitalize on the devastation left behind by the storm," says Steven Helmann of Seaside Park.  "It makes selecting a builder confusing and frustrating."

Helmann is one of many Ocean County residents who have seen a massive influx of builders claiming to be the best in the area.  One builder that stands apart from the rest is Superior Built Development, LLC.  Unlike many of the so-called "custom modular builders" in the area, Superior Built has a record 30 years experience in, and around, the Ocean County area.

"We have build everything from luxury high-rise condominiums to single bungalows on the beach," says Kevin Kincade, director of sales for Superior.  "No builder in the area takes our unique approach."

Superior Built, unlike many of the other modular companies in the area, handles all their custom design work in-house.  "Remaining independent from any single manufacturer gives us the ability to shop the design for the best quality and pricing options available for our customers," says Kincade.  "We make it a pleasurable experience for our customers, many of whom have suffered long enough."

According to Superior Built, many of their customers have had dealings with modular companies and traditional builders before turning to them.  "Our customers like to educate themselves before coming to us, it makes for a much more fluid and understanding process," adds Michael Tornillo, managing director.  "We are not happy that they have been put through their paces with other builders, but it does give us the ability to service them in a manner in which they appreciate after being mistreated by less reputable or experienced builders."

Superior Built Development, LLC has emerged as a leading consultant/design/build company in Ocean County who when called upon delivers top-level service, cutting edge designs, and highly competitive pricing.  They have become the go-to company for homeowners who have been left disenchanted and confused by the many hurdles they had to overcome the last year had thrown at them.

For more information, visit the Superior Built Development, LLC website for custom modular home design and pricing at

Friday, October 18, 2013

Superior Built Development Corp, the leading modular home builder in NJ, announces it's "Competition Price Guarantee".  With special focus on victims of Superstorm Sandy at the Jersey Shore, Superior Built realizes that modular home builders in Ocean County are busy snatching up new customers and putting existing customer last.

Customer's finding themselves frustrated by the massive influx of business in the modular home market can turn to Superior Built for specialized attention.  "No competitor will beat our pricing or delivery times, period," says M. Tornillo, managing director of Superior  Built.  "It's high time we start delivering what we promise to the homeless victims of Superstorm Sandy.  It's closing fast on a year since we've been hit, and many people are still wondering when they will see their new homes!"

Superior Built launched a "FAST-TRACK" program for homeowners looking to get into their homes for spring 2014.  Call or email Superior Built at or 800-MODULAR for details and to get started today!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Attention Victims of Superstorm Sandy...


Superior Built now offers a full service design staff to handle your every need.  With the massive influx of homeowners needing design and drafting services to rebuild their homes , draftsmen and architects are swamped.

Superior Built in Toms River, NJ offers a full service, lightning fast, custom design service that brings a project from conceptual design to engineered and stamped drawings in less than half the time most other builders in Ocean County are delivering.

A proprietary and highly competitive business model adopted by Superior Built put them in the forefront of the design/build process at the Jersey Shore.  Special attention is paid to homeowners that were devastated by Superstorm Sandy, with special pricing options available.  Handling everything from design, to demolition, and full-service building, Superior Built is now the leading developer at the Jersey Shore.  Able to service each customer as if they were the only client Superior Built has, everyone is treated with RED CARPET service.

Call or email the staff at Superior Built Development, LLC for a more comprehensive look at your new home project today!