Thursday, October 17, 2013

Attention Victims of Superstorm Sandy...


Superior Built now offers a full service design staff to handle your every need.  With the massive influx of homeowners needing design and drafting services to rebuild their homes , draftsmen and architects are swamped.

Superior Built in Toms River, NJ offers a full service, lightning fast, custom design service that brings a project from conceptual design to engineered and stamped drawings in less than half the time most other builders in Ocean County are delivering.

A proprietary and highly competitive business model adopted by Superior Built put them in the forefront of the design/build process at the Jersey Shore.  Special attention is paid to homeowners that were devastated by Superstorm Sandy, with special pricing options available.  Handling everything from design, to demolition, and full-service building, Superior Built is now the leading developer at the Jersey Shore.  Able to service each customer as if they were the only client Superior Built has, everyone is treated with RED CARPET service.

Call or email the staff at Superior Built Development, LLC for a more comprehensive look at your new home project today!

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